The inevitable feature - Payment the way it should
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Powered by a suite of features to enable modern commerce
Store Card Vault
White labelled vault to store your customer’s card data. Your customers, your data. Simple APIs.
CVV-Less Transaction
A major technological breakthrough allowing repeat users to never input their CVV again.
PCI-DSS Compliant
Completely PCI DSS compliant solution. No need to worry about security!
Custom Mobile Browser
Responsible for Auto OTP generation by selecting the OTP option on all leading bank pages.
Auto OTP read
We read and submit OTP on behalf of the user, no need to fiddle between apps.
Magic Retry
A simple retry button preventing all drops related to network issues (and not hassles)
Frequently Asked Questions
  • One Tap Payment is a revolutionary way to pay online that makes payments a breeze. The age of remembering CVVs and card numbers is passé. With One Tap Payment, one click is all you need to complete a payment securely. Your fingers would love the extra time for your next Candy Crush bout, all thanks to our technological breakthrough that makes this possible.

  • That’s the fun part. Romantics say “All you need is love”, but we insist on a saved card. Once you do a transaction with us through a saved card, we ensure that One-Tap is activated for you. And all your transactions become seamlessly One-tap secure payments. Luckily, this does not need “Sherlock-level” detective skills to figure out.

  • Yes. Even though we broke technological barriers, we ensured that we are perfectly within the regulator’s guidelines for payments and storage of card information. We are backed by PCI-DSS certification, and all your data is perfectly safe. All your card information is encrypted with a three-layer security that ensures that your data stays protected. So go bat an eyelid while we process the payment for you. We’d be done by then. Securely.